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O2 Developments

-Luxury living-

unique as your lifestyle,

extraordinary as your vision.



Live Bold
o2 Developments has decades of experience building distinctive custom homes in Calgary and surrounding area. Whether you’re interested in renovating or building your dream home, we have the knowledge, skills and experience to manage your project to be on time and on budget. An award winning custom builder with an unrivalled passion for construction and the relentless desire to turn your home building experience into a positive and rewarding one. 





"As Realtors, we are often asked by our clients if we can recommend a good contractor to give them a quote on minor or major renovations on a property. Without hesitation, we recommend they reach out to Vince at o2 Developments, or we contact him on their behalf. Vince has worked with many of our buyers and sellers, and without exception, they are always delighted with the work he has done and more importantly, the trust they felt throughout the process. Vince's sincerity immediately puts our clients at ease, and his ability to offer creative solutions & accurate budget estimations means fewer surprises later on. The work done is always top-notch. We feel very strongly about only recommending those that we trust to our clients, as our own reputation is on the line by doing so. We never hesitate to recommend Vince and his team at o2 Developments."

-Livia -



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Calgary, AB

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